About Us

Founded in January 2014 by Juilliard students, the Composers Collective is a nurturing community of composers dedicated to creating original musical works to connect with and grow the audience for new music.

Composers Collective Fall Season 2014

Composers Collective Fall 2014 members: JoAnne Harris, Mike Wells, Eimi Tanaka, Ruth Ansell, Terence Petersen, Charlie Martin, Alicia Lieu, Peter Jan Fedak, Kit Goldstein Grant, Matt Mezzacappa, Deborah Lau, Derek Simon, Hany Rizkalla

We promote the following beliefs and values:

  • We are respectful and courteous to all;
  • We encourage¬†diversity in our membership;
  • We are open-minded in our approach to learning; and
  • We work collaboratively together.

If you are interested in membership for the current season, please take a look at our planned calendar of events and tell us a little bit about yourself.

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